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Beard Luster Wash

The is one of our most popular services. Beard luster wash will have your beard feeling alive! We clean your beard and exfoliate the skin underneath to create a healthy environment for beard growth. This also decompresses your beard so you can see your true length. We finish the service off with beard oil and your choice of premium cologne.

Express Facial

Finish your haircut off with a hydrating facial! This service has so many benefits and will have you feeling refreshed with your skin glowing! This also includes a take home exfoliating brush.

Pro-Touch Head Shave

This is not your normal head shave. You will experience products that will not only stimulate your scalp but will also create a healing cascade. By your second or third “Pro touch heard shave” you will see and feel a tremendous difference from shaving at home.

Collagen Mask Facial

Skin care at its finest! This service is so refreshing, beneficial and relaxing you might just fall asleep. This will definitely get you on the right path to having a good skin routine.

Thermal Scrub Neck & Chin

This service is the cure to Pseudofolliculitis Barbara ( INGROWN HAIRS AND RAZOR BUMPS). We guarantee results. Don’t let something that can be fixed turn into a permanent problem.

Scalp Detox

Scalp problems? Dirt and product build up on the scalp can cause dry/oily scalp, dandruff, and early hair loss. A scalp detox removes the stuff you can’t remove by using regular shampoo.


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“I spent about a year in Rochester, just going to every men’s salon around and every time I would leave with a crooked neckline, an uneven haircut and mad because the stylist would act like they were in such a hurry and couldn’t be bothered to take their time on my hair. When I read the bio on Tones website I was sold and haven’t gone anywhere else since. He takes his time and actually acts like he cares what you look like when you walk out of the shop. It’s worth the extra 5 bucks, no question. Would recommend to anyone.”


“Tones Barber lounge was an experience! Tone is knowledgeable and explains his process at every step. Treat yourself! “

“Received the hydrotherapy bald treatment, head shave and beard luster wash. Holy cow… Tone is amazing. I feel great, could really feel how open my pores are. My beard has never felt this great even with my own regiment that I thought was pretty great. Cannot recommend Tones Barbershop enough!”


“Hands down the best service i’ve had, if you want to treat yourself a relaxing haircut this is definitely the place for you!!! Highly recommend trying the facial service!!! Left my skin feeling extremely smooth…!”


“Super good experience, highly recommend and will be a continued customer. Has a bunch of unique products.”


“First time coming here, and will be back. Super chill environment and amazing cut. Major attention to detail, and made sure I was happy with the haircut before I left.”